Je Dis Art /// Yago

5 Sep 2019 19:00
→ 5 Sep 2019 23:00
15 rue des archives - Paris
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Every first Thursday of the month, the Cox in partnership with P-Arty invites a visual artist to express himself live on its walls to create a new and ephemeral work.

For this first edition, we have the pleasure to welcome YAGO THE BEAR, a child of the Club Dorothée, but also Minikeums, Disney Parade ... nourished from the bottle to the cartoons of the time, from Bisuns to Dragon Ball.

At school, all he can do is draw ... And he will not calm down with the years. First freelance and then advertising agency, through Citebeur, which sharpened his gravelly humor very focused on the subject.
After these different jobs, he asserts his own style using all the culture of the 90s, from cartoons to sci-fi movies sprinkled with humor and quequettes!

For the past 3 years, as a tattoo artist, he has been writing bullshit on the skin of his clients and regularly taking part in the events of the P-Arty collective.

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I DIS ART, a new rendezvous at Cox!
In partnership with P-Arty

I DIS ART YAGO live on the walls of the Cox
COX 15 rue des Archives 75004 Paris