Je te veux - Scène Ouverte d'humoristes - Les Souffleurs (H-6)

13 Jan 2019 19:00
→ 13 Jan 2019 21:00
Les Souffleurs
7 Rue de la Verrerie - Paris
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In a world where human beings live with their eyes on their smartphone, the last comedians worthy of the name are fighting to regain the right to express themselves face-to-face.

Only the "I want you" witnesses will give one of them this privilege.

In an intimate, secret and mysteriously funny cellar, "I want you" is the first scene of comedians where revolver eyes have no impact on the choice of the audience.

It's up to you!

The applauses and the cascading laughter are the only elements of measurement.

Patrice Miller, a real redhead from everywhere becomes the humorist godfather of this first meeting

For this great premiere, we will welcome in the first part the musician John Alvarez who will play two of these hits.

Rules of "I want you"

FIRST CHANNEL: each comedian is 4 minutes max to play the skit of his choice back to the public.
Players are awarded 100/50/30/20/10 points

SECOND HAND: Each person has 4 mins max to play the skit of their choice in anonymity.
Players are awarded 100/50/30/20/10 points

He gives 50 points and 100 points to the two comedians of his choice during the first run.

In case of equality:
The two players with the most points compete in battle back to back
by answering questions from the public written in advance.

HAPPY END: The comedian most acclaimed plays what he / she wants in the face.

Every Sunday
19H to 21H
Free entry - Hat for artists

PS: You are a humorist, you wish to take up the challenge; send me a message to @fredbruleattend