Jeanne Added

5 Nov 2019 20:30
→ 5 Nov 2019 22:00
L'Avant Seine / Théâtre de Colombes, WART-Booking&Programmation (page officielle), Simone
L'Avant Seine / Théâtre de Colombes
Parvis des droits de l'Homme, 88 rue Saint-Denis - Colombes
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With a double Victory of 2019, Jeanne Added offers more than one concert: a show in the heart of sound, light, musical and vocal performance entitled Both Sides.

With her precise and expressive voice and her phenomenal presence, she jostles the space of the stage giving herself to be seen and heard in another light under the eyes of the scenographer Éric Soyer (Joël Pommerat).
+ 1st part at 19h30: Plug, as part of Némo, International Biennial of Digital Arts - Paris / Ile-de-France. Free entry.