José//Chéries-Chéris 2019

24 Nov 2019 16:20
→ 24 Nov 2019 18:00
Coming Out, Cinéma latino, Optimale, Festival Chéries-Chéris - Paris
MK2 Beaubourg
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JOSÉ, by Li Cheng

Guatemala. 2018. 85 '. Fiction. VOSTF. Forbidden - 16 years

José, 19, lives alone with his mother. They each work on their own small trades to ensure their ordinary: she, selling unlicensed sandwiches, him, knocking at a crossroads potential customers to a restaurant. His encounter with Luis, who came from the Pacific coast of the country to earn a living as a laborer on construction sites in Guatemala City, led José to reinvest the intimate but hidden part of his life.

Winner of the Queer Lion at the Venice Film Festival, this highly subtle Guatemalan film embraces the intimacy of an individual story to capture the social dynamics as a whole. In a context where religion and its deadly conventions occupy the entire space, the young hero multiplies sex with men in hidden hotels or discreetly checks his app on his phone. The director films with fondness and emotion the aspiration to a simple love story in one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world.

Sunday 24th Nov. 16h20 >> MK2 Beaubourg

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