Jour de l'an chéri chérie

31 Dec 2018 20:00
→ 1 Jan 2019 05:00
Les soirées Chérie Chérie
Mas Campo
1 Chemin de Soriech - Lattes
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We are no longer presenting the Chéris Chéries parties, which have become a must in gay and gay friendly Montpellier nights. We offer an exceptional evening in a place that looks like us and we can not wait to introduce you. On our side our resident DJs Sin 'Dee and Dj'Ladyboy Akamissdess for a pop and general sound.

★★ ENTRY + MEAL: 55 € per person ★★
Only on reservation

A glass of champagne
★ Board of Entries ★
Zucchini and mint veggie bites
Tartine of Focaccia with eggplant caviar
Slice of foie gras and walnut bread
Moricette garnished with smoked salmon and lemon cream
Prawn and tangerine salad
Cod bread and oven-baked golden lobster

★ Plate of Hot Dishes ★
Mini foie gras burger on onion confit
Crispy pancakes
Shrimp breaded with sweet and sour sauce
Cassolette of duck Parmentier
Salmon tartar verrine with ginger
Oyster Gratin In Champagne

★ Cheese board and Desserts ★
Assorted cheeses and pear jam and cumin
rum baba
Barley sugar with red fruit mousse
Buchette with two chocolates

★★ ENTRY ONLY + 1 CONSO: 22 € per person ★★

⭐️For a party full of glitters, madness and surprises 🏳️🌈⭐✨

➡️Sales only or with meals on Yurplan:
⚠️ Reservation strongly recommended, the place can accommodate 350 people maximum

📍The Mas Campo
1 Way of Soriech, 34970 Lattes
Tram stop line 3 to 5 minutes walk
Very large illuminated parking
Security service

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