Journée Internationale de la Visibilité Trans ( TDOV )

31 Mar 2020 00:00
→ 31 Mar 2020 00:59
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International Day of Trans Visibility (TDOV) 2020

Visibility Day will be celebrated on March 31, 2020, an opportunity to organize the visibility of trans people and non-binary people around the world.

This event was initiated by Rachel Crandall Transgender Michigan activist in 2009 to celebrate the visibility of all Trans identities because of their expression and gender identity.

International Transgender Day of Visibility calls for attention, to make known the Trans community through its visibility: meetings, actions, exhibitions, conferences, radio and video broadcasts, debates, informing the public about the achievements and questions about the expression and gender identity of trans people around the world, to prevent ignorance and transphobia, and to try to stop the biases related to their gender.

Thank you for inviting all your friends, and for sharing this Trans Visibility Day, and register, and leave on this wall an event that you have organized for this occasion.

This event has no fixed place, this day can be celebrated everywhere, organize according to your availability another day of your choice worldwide and on the internet.

In addition we are counting on you, you can propose us to be Co-Organizer of this event, we will be happy to indicate you during this event. We thank you in advance for your support for trans people and non-binary people.

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