Karaogay : Carte Blanche pour Maria

17 Feb 2019 18:00
→ 18 Feb 2019 00:00
M'sieurs Dames
M'sieurs Dames
30 avenue Parmentier - Paris
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Very special edition of the Sunday Karaogay on February 17th. This day is known around the world to be on the calendar a birthday that is dear to us: that of our mistress of ceremony, the singer Maria Allass.
And on her birthday, respect ladies and gentlemen, Maria Allass does absolutely anything she wants. It's like that, and it's a tradition that no one will ever question.
Do what she wants, such as deciding who sings what in her magic mic, and especially in what order. You can of course try to bribe her by covering her with gifts, jewels and a shower of glitter. But nothing will be worth the surprise song that you have brought her as a musical offering and that she will consent to let you interpret. Or not.
On Sunday, February 17, everything can happen to the Ladies. All but the question "But what is the age of the singer? ". We do not ask the age of a lady, let alone a lady with a golden voice.