Karaogay : L'édition des Walking Queens 2

14 Jul 2019 18:00
→ 15 Jul 2019 00:00
M'sieurs Dames, The Walking Queens, Black Velvet
M'sieurs Dames
30 avenue Parmentier - Paris
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But where did Maria Allass go? The wildest rumors run about his absence. It would have been proposed to our singer presenter of the Sunday Karaogay the main role of a Broadway Musical, murmurs the one-es. Others assert that a wealthy prince would have asked him to marry him after hearing him sing to the Ladies. Some still claim that she retired to a convent to make a vow of silence and momentarily protect her golden voice.
The mystery hovers, so we chose to re-invite her bitumen sisters, the Walking Queens, to replace her at a moment's notice, but always on high heels. Here is Blackvelvet Blackvelvet, Debby Al Khôl, Jane Fontaine and Perlita for an edition that looks like them, plural and colorful.
As for their previous interim, it will be a little recess. You can play all the songs you want, as long as the music is on Karaogay's magic tablet. Free to the Walking Queens to validate. Or not, because they can also be severe.
And as it's July 14, let's wait for a fireworks display. And maybe also exclusive news about where Maria Allass is. Suspense ...