Kindergarten #09

12 Jan 2019 23:55
→ 13 Jan 2019 06:00
Petit Bain, Kindergarten party
Petit Bain
Petit Bain, 7 port de la Gare, 75013 Paris - Paris
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Paris, banks of the Seine. A green building, dressed in wood, is carried by the waves of the river. On its roof, a large sheltered terrace where people smoke, laugh and chat. Upstairs, a lounge with bar where we take a break after a frenetic dance. In the basement, we can feel the skins shiver and hearts throb: fantastical creatures dance and crawl on the floor of the stage, and the beams of light dance with them. But the show does not stop there: everyone on the barge participates in the carnival.

Welcome to Kindergarten, nighttime recreation. In 2019, still more childishness, and to return in beauty in the new year, the crew is mobilized for a unique club-show.

On the musical menu, it's 6 hours of B2B set of the extreme with Problems of love and VHS. Faithful steeds of the Kindergarten, they are our nannies, our tutors, our lighthouses at night. Follow them cheerfully in an acid-dance-rave ride that gives its nobility to clubbing 90s.

On stage, we keep a little mystery, but we can say that the VJs of ZEUGL and Klaus WieKind concoct an erotic-mystical experience involving mapping on scenery and bouncy buttocks. Of course, the sets will be signed Anna Mennessier.

Finally, the photos that hardly remind you of your state of the weekend will be our tender Jean Ranobrac.

NOTE / QUEER ZONE: Kindergarten is a safe place for everyone. Everyone comes here as they see fit, without compromise. No mockery, no discrimination, no aggression will be tolerated.

Kindergarten, hosted by Marmoset & Tiggy Thorn


12/01/19 - 0h / 6h
Small Bath, 7 Port Train Station, 75013
Subway Quai de la Gare (6), François-Mitterrand Library (14, C) or Gare d'Austerlitz (5, 10)
9 € on pre-sale excluding locals / 12 € on site (ticketing coming soon)
+ Some pre-sales in social rate so that everyone can come