Kindergarten #10

8 Mar 2019 23:55
→ 9 Mar 2019 06:00
Petit Bain, Kindergarten party
Petit Bain
Petit Bain, 7 port de la Gare, 75013 Paris - Paris
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And ten! The Kindergarten adventure continues and again invites its sweet children to feast in pride and joy. Come and see us, and you will be balm to the heart and smile on your lips. A 360 ° show of which you are also an actor.rice, the Kindergarten is a restless ecosystem where the most intriguing creatures come to roam, drink, seduce and parade. Like a vacation at home.

To liven up the party, performances, sets, sound and lights will still be there. And obviously, only numbers 10 in our team for tonight:

Vödkabanane (CONSPIRATION): Rave lucid, rave awake, but above all rave of (dirty) kid, the cocktail formed by The Unlikely Boy & Scarlet is the ideal mixture to give you hot sweats. We are delighted to welcome worthy representatives of the incredible Conspiracy crew.

Diskonected: invited by the Féminart festival, this other duo acidisco is filled with love and jubilation. They will come in amuse-bouche to open the appetite.

A third pair, our inescapable residents, forever in our hearts and in our eardrums, the delicious Problems of love and the smooth VHS.

And finally in closing, when the night gives birth in the morning, a little strength in our bodies with the wonderful Peridural.

On stage, Klaus WieKind invites the angel and the devil, the soft and the rough, the chic and the-not-less-chic, the wonderful Angora Von Lear (The Dump, Paris) and Messalina Mescalina (Dragones, Lyon) . Of course, it's up to you to guess which one is which.

Decorations signed by Anna Mennessier, photos by Jean Ranobrac and at the door to welcome you and dazzle you Filip: we do not change a winning team.

NOTE / QUEER ZONE: Kindergarten is a safe place for everyone. Everyone comes here as they see fit, without compromise. No mockery, no discrimination, no aggression will be tolerated.

Kindergarten, hosted by Marmoset & Tiggy Thorn


08/03/19 - 0h / 6h
Small Bath, 7 Port de la Gare, 75013
Subway Quai de la Gare (6), François-Mitterrand Library (14, C) or Gare d'Austerlitz (5, 10)
9 € on pre-sale excluding locals / 12 € on site (ticketing coming soon)
+ Some pre-sales in social tariff so that everyone can come