L’Influence de l’odeur des croissants chauds sur la bonté humain

11 Oct 2019 20:00
→ 11 Oct 2019 22:00
Le Midi / Minuit, Le Lavoir Public
Le Midi / Minuit
38 rue saint laurent - Grenoble
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With Ruwen Ogien, the philosophy becomes playful, interactive, happy!

A "theatrical conference" developed with a real-time voting device.

This show invites you to experiment moral philosophy by proposing improbable situations, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, which arouse your "moral perplexity". Thanks to this device of vote in real time, you will be able to manifest your moral intuition thus excited.
We will then see if the reasoning that can be constructed confirms or invalidates your first intuition.

While the time seems to want to moralize (sex, politics, economy ...) we will see together if the great moral rules are sufficiently clear, and if they are unassailable dogmas or if they can be open to challenge .

An exciting debate, which you will probably not come out unscathed!
This show is for everyone, whatever your knowledge of philosophy.


Influence of the smell of hot croissants on human goodness
from Ruwen Ogien's book

Adaptation: Nicolas Géraud, Olivier Rey, Julie Sermon
Directed by: Olivier Rey
with Ana Benito and Olivier Rey
Voting device: Nicolas Géraud / dasein interactions
Dramaturgy: Julie Sermon
Production: The Public Laundry - dasein interactions


Prices: 8 € reduced price / 12 € full price

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