L'Invitation - l'Improvidence -Lyon

14 Jun 2019 21:15
→ 14 Jun 2019 22:15
Lesbian and Gay Pride de Lyon, Corpus Bang Bang, Improvidence Lyon Café Théâtre
Improvidence Lyon Café Théâtre
6 rue Chaponnay - Lyon
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As part of the fortnight of LGBT Cultures in Lyon.

Improvisation show

Improvisation show - 4 actors - duration 60 min

Tonight is the night when everything rocks. Everything will be revealed. All the resentments and secrets will jump to the faces of the guests. On the proposal of the public, the secret, will be announced to the guests of this evening with friends.

The guests are not aware of the announcement that will be made. Only the host, also chosen by the public, will have to announce his love meeting, his departure abroad, the adoption of a child, etc. to his guests.

And there, the public becomes the witness of the reactions of the friends, the unspoken ones, the secrecies of alcoves for its greatest pleasure.