L'Orgia x La Maison Eclose

21 Sep 2019 22:00
→ 22 Sep 2019 02:00
Maison Éclose, Café Pompier
Café Pompier
7 place Renaudel - Bordeaux
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👑👑 Fairies and Goblins 👑👑

🌳 Come into the forest of Orgia. A family ritual is taking place in the Eclose House. Their creatures proliferate and diversify again and again.

🧚♀️ Faithful congeners, you are invited to our fantastic celebration of Love. Between thickets and huts of gingerbread, come to observe and join the Fairy Dragosphere: elves, gnomes, priests, witches, oracles, and other wonderful beasts. Who knows what you will come across?

🧝♀️ But do not worry, these creatures love their sisters and your imagination will be the key to their heart and a sure entrance for a night orgy of the most staggering!

🧙♀️ The order of the Café Pompier DJs joins the gathering to punctuate the evening of secular rhythms and fuel your lunar trance between rites and encourage the more adventurous to present the magnificence of his individuality during the traditional Runway. (Registration on the spot)

The Order of the Café Pompier:

Angeolivier X DjB


PD of death

The Creatures:

Lips family:
Vicky Lips
Bergamot Lips

Family Lapse:
Good-benevolent Lapse
Raziel Dumb Bitch
Dalya di Lasciz

Prince Family:
Tiny Beast Prince
Ruby Azaki
Alma & Ella Oscura del Prince

Liqueer family:
Andrea Liqueer
Iolanda Liqueer

Lahaine Nonclercq


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