L'identité dans l'art

6 Apr 2019 18:30
→ 6 Apr 2019 19:30
Librairie Violette and Co, Festival Raccords, Rue des Promenades
Librairie Violette and Co
102 rue de Charonne - Paris
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Conference-meeting at the Violette and Co Bookstore / Fittings Festival
With Tara Lennart, Marc Kiska and Ocean

► Free admission
recommended booking: 01 43 36 81 19 or festival.raccords@gmail.com ◀

How is an artistic work constructed in the light of identity? Can gender and sexual orientation, in their own way, guide artistic expression?
In this encounter, the actor and director Océan, photographer and author Marc Kiska, journalist and author Tara Lennart will discuss the links between artistic practices and queer identities, putting their respective works into perspective.

With her text "Macadam Butterfly" (Editions Rue des Promenades), Tara Lennart explores the era, the genres and the inscription in society, between irreverence and tenderness. In sixteen snapshots, she follows trajectories and moments of life.
From Océane to Océan, there is only one letter, which the comedian abandoned in 2018 after his trans coming out. Ocean has produced a documentary series on his career, his daily life and the questions necessarily raised by a change of genre.
Marc Kiska photographs men in sets and sometimes dark settings, often dreamlike, reminiscent of the wild and lost young boys of his first novel Les Vestiges d'Alice (Tabou Editions). His photographs will be exhibited from March 30th to April 7th at the Violette & co bookstore (finishing April 6th at 5pm).