LE VOYAGE DE MONALISA//Chéries-Chéris 2020

14 Nov 2020 19:55
→ 14 Nov 2020 21:40
mk2 Beaubourg
50 rue Rambuteau - Paris
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Chile. 2020. 93 '. Documentary. VOSTF. Forbidden - 16 years old.
Director: Nicole Costa

After 17 years without having any news, Nicole Costa comes into contact with Iván Ojeda, her old Chilean friend known at the university. At the time, he was a talented director and playwright, but it turns out he totally reinvented himself. Iván is now named Monalisa and now works as a prostitute in the streets of New York. Intrigued by her transformation, Nicole Costa decides to dedicate a film to her.

This gripping documentary is the shocking portrait of Iván Monalisa, a transgender performer and writer who defines himself as a non-sexist “two-spirit”. As he thrives on writing raw poems about life and survival in New York City, his difficult daily life continues to be marked by precariousness and vulnerability, fleeting sexual encounters and drug addiction. hard. A lyrical and moving work paying homage to a complex and endearing personality, definitely out of the ordinary.

Saturday Nov. 14 7:55 p.m. ›› MK2 Beaubourg
Thursday 19 Nov 4:20 p.m. ›› MK2 Beaubourg