LOS FUERTES//Chéries-Chéris 2020

18 Nov 2020 21:50
→ 18 Nov 2020 23:50
mk2 Quai de Seine
14 quai de la Seine - Paris
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Chile. 2019. 106 '. Fiction. VOSTF.
Director and screenplay: Omar Zúñiga.
With: Antonio Altamirano, Samuel González.

Lucas goes to his sister's house in a remote village in southern Chile before moving to Canada. There, facing the ocean and in the middle of the mist, he meets Antonio, a boatswain on a local fishing boat. When an intense romantic relationship arises between them, they find themselves forced to face their reality and break their loneliness, learning to trust the people around them. As the waves hit the bay, their strength and independence become unwavering in the face of the tide.
Taking as its setting the sublime landscapes of southern Chile, Los Fuertes takes on a documentary dimension by capturing the daily life of its inhabitants: their houses, their fishing practices, their traditions, the so special atmosphere of this remote place between ocean and fog. .

The young Chilean director Omar Zúñiga inscribes a passionate gay love in it, the treatment of which testifies to a rare delicacy and empathy towards his characters. Of great emotional purity, this modest and heartbreaking drama gently magnifies the irresistible attraction between Lucas and Antonio, two tender, sensitive, sensual men. Infinitely human ...

Wednesday Nov. 18 9:50 p.m. ›› MK2 Quai de Seine
Friday Nov. 20 3:40 p.m. ›› MK2 Beaubourg