La Bêtisière : 1 an de bazar ! (Veille de jour férié)

26 Jun 2020 19:00
→ 27 Jun 2020 19:00
La Bêtisière, Woopiii, Who's, Elyas Events
14 rue Saint-Merri - Paris
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Stupidity is required, madness is its motto.
On April 30 we double the dose, Anniversary obliges! Silly your!
1 year ago she was born from the fruit of madness,
Kitsch & Magic have come together!
Giving birth to this bubble of happiness ...
1 year trying to remember these watered evenings,
Fluids to clean, regretted statements,
Without forgetting all these sweet kisses,
These energized dances, random encounters
These laughs fly away as the birds cries fly away ... What a beautiful bazaar!
You are the protagonists of this story,
The one we will continue to pursue,
Fantastic creatures or fanatic night owls,
Let's dance until dawn!
No limits here,
Openness and lightness are the key words to respect,
Dare to enter LA BÊTISIERE!
Tomorrow won't be yesterday ...

🦄 Entrance fee: A smile (and if you can't get there you will be tickled)!

🎧 King / Queen: Anastacya Split Revise the biggest hits of the last 50 years!

Questions & table reservations:
📱Elyas +33659821059