La Bêtisière : Grand Opening Season

6 Sep 2019 20:00
→ 7 Sep 2019 04:00
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🍭The Blooper: Grand Opening Season🍭
Friday 6th September

Back from holidays, with or without an alliance,
Summer is a sign of diversity,

To each one his experience, Love or Vengeance!
No matter what happened, it's time to go home,
Not to "bad" but to have fun,

You missed him so much, at the Bêtisière ...
Without you, Tomorrow was yesterday.
She did a thousand times the film in her head,
Imagining your smiles and your beautiful legs,
Ending on a colorful and jovial dancefloor,
Bubbles & sweets, that's the ideal!

Friday, September 6th, let's open this crazy new chapter together
Surrender to this bubble of happiness, the time of a few hours ...

Even more musical hits from the last 20 years:

Madonna, Britney, Ricky, Alloy, Gala, Beyonce, Rihanna, Selena, Las Ketchup, Ultra Nate, Spice Girls, David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Aya, Angela, Jennifer, Mylene, Maluma, Kels, Abba, Shakira, Pussycat Dolls, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Chris De Rulo, Chris Brown ...