La Cascade 7 ▼ Yax, Lou Cagnard de Nuit & Scène Ouverte

17 Jan 2020 19:00
→ 18 Jan 2020 00:00
Rivière, Rita-Plage
68 Cours Tolstoï - Villeurbanne
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LA CASCADE 7 and no furry cishet with socks

La Rivière makes its bed at Rita-Plage for its monthly drag show! Whether you are unemployed, studying or not working, working day or night, queer or marginalized, accustomed or not to drag queen, king and other creatures of the night world, the Cascade will welcome you in the hollow of its basin if you agree to dive head first. 🌀


✨ Yax

Trash, poetic, raw, or coated with sweetness, Yax does not go unnoticed and always makes hearts fall

✨ Lou Cagnard by Night

Weather forecast for January 17th:
A major and exceptional weather phenomenon will befall the Rita Plage!
Lou Cagnard De Nuit will boil the waters of the Cascade and cover the atmosphere of fiery belugues ...


For this edition and the next one on February 21, the Cascade offers you an open stage! Drag king, drag queen, kid club, hybrid character, performer, dancer, poet or musician, all is possible, just contact me on my Rivière page or my Rivière profile. You have about 5 minutes on stage and of course the microphone is yours to tell your story! ✨

💦 Thursday 19/12 from 19h come and taste the refreshing splashes of La Cascade and the delicious libations of Rita-Plage. To be expected: queer performances; sweating; STUNT (waterfalls in English); word games and questionable aquatic jokes; poignant testimonies; free and collective session with your Rivière psychotherapist; benevolent behaviors, permeable to our individual / community deconstructions and with a penchant for the destruction of cishetero-patriarcapitalism. 🌊


• 7 p.m .: Doors open
• 8PM :: SHOW part 1 ✨
• 8:45 PM :: OPEN SCENE 🔥
• 9:15 pm :: Veggie canteen at free price
• 10 PM :: SHOW part 2 ✨

💦 Accessibility: entry possible by mobile ramp

💦 Photos by Lara C. - Photography and visual by doudou Jonas Fontaine 💜

💦 The entrance and the canteen are free to pay the artists. 💵