La Closing w/ Prosumer b2b KOSME, Fils de vénus, Pardonnez-nous

23 Feb 2019 23:00
→ 24 Feb 2019 10:00
à la folie paris
à la folie paris
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, 75019 Paris, France - Paris
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The winter season of clubs A la Folie is coming to an end but do not think we are turning our backs on our clubbing friends! The nights at La Folie will continue more beautiful.
To end this season, what better than a party in the colors of collectives who are struggling to cross the limits that the Parisian night imposes?

They happened at home this winter, they each have their own identity, but they nevertheless have this common point: the desire to fight with the rules. That's why, for them but also for you, and to finish on the most beautiful notes, we will push the limit of the closing at 10am!

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▷ Prosumer b2b Kosme

Prosumer: Originally from the small German Saarbrücken, passing through the great Berlin and now established in Edinburgh, Prosumer is a digger of birth, assiduous of the famous shop HARDWAX. During his stay in Berlin, he was even one of the lucky residents of the Berghain / Panorama Bar. Occasional producer, he has co-signed an album with Murat Tepeli, and collaborated several times with Tama Sumo. Behind the turntables it is an expert to mix genres, but especially eras, to make a trip out of all temporality.

Kosme: If he started traveling in the largest clubs and festivals in Europe in 2013, Kosme is no less attached to his hometown: Lyon. This is where he launched his Cosmic Adventure evenings at the club Le Sucre, club he was the resident alongside Laurent Garnier and Agoria. He signed his productions on Thema Records before creating his own: Cosmic Ad Records. After a Boiler Room session with Laurent Garnier last year and regular DJ sets at the Panorama Bar, Kosme has just released an EP with his partner and friend: Konstantin Sibold.

▷ FLASH COCOTTE djs: Pipi De Freche b2b NIZAR

Created in 2007 after the closure of Pulp, the collective organizes the most colorful gay and lesbian parties in the capital at La Java. Not satisfied with the success, the collective minds decided to export to other places like the Cabaret Sauvage or Espace Pierre Cardin, not without success. If the Dj Sets of their residents Pipi De Frèche and Nizar participate in the success of these evenings, Flash Cocotte is summed up above all by a special alchemy between extravagance, sweet madness and music.

▷ Son of Venus djs: Boval b2b Pauline Forte b2b Gaspar Nicoulaud

Formed in 2010, the group of friends who dragged his young years in the gay evenings of the capital wanted to see perform other music than the one they usually saw in club. Freaks, they fight for nights without discrimination. The synthesis of all this: concerts always atypical on formats clubs in evenings without physios. After having programmed their discoveries (Brawl, Oklou, DJ AZF, ...) in the coolest clubs of the capital, it is with us that they will come to spend discs this Saturday evening.

▷ Forgive us djs: Bab b2b AUBRY

4 Dj's, four complementary styles and a trademark they claim loud and clear: "The Big Anything". That's why we have to forgive them, break the codes, the limits and the assumptions. The Parisian collective was created three years ago by Sköwl, Aubry, Dis'collection and Gounou 2017, and today they are everywhere: at the Station Gare Des Mines for their 24h mix, at the Rex Club to celebrate the first release on their label (two edits of The Creole Company By Larry Levan, a title that could also appear in front of the definition of "Big Anything") and all the webradios of the capital. They are clearly done with dancing, so let's forgive them.

▷ Discomatin djs: St. James b2b Jim Irie

Discomatin is a reissue label, a Parisian after and a collective. Founded in 2014 by four deejays, Mag Spencer, St. James, Jim Irie & Theo Mamie's, their idea is simple: reinvest the Parisian mornings with a sacred energy, a relentless selection but also fresh fruit to last until noon. In 2016, Discomatin transforms the test by becoming a label of edits then label of reissue. French boogie, cosmic afro-stuff, zouk antillais, English jazz-funk ... We can trust them on the selection, behind the turntables or in the bins!

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