La Crème de la Crème

29 Mar 2019 23:30
→ 30 Mar 2019 05:45
La Bellevilloise
19-21 rue Boyer - Paris
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"I do not know why it's gagging."

DJs: Monique Ninja & Kheedi Mizrahi & Wakanda
Commentator: Khyree Mizrahi

Paris Ballroom Scene Tariff - Presale 8 euros







**** ff
**** Bq
**** Rwt


Third season @ La Bellevilloise for La Crème de la Crème parties by Lasseindra, Pioneer of the French Ballroom Scene and Mother of the House of Ninja.

The Cream Party Cream echoes the Vogue Knights parties created by Jack Mizrahi in New York: an evening where the Voguing culture can develop, open to everyone, where dancers can express themselves freely among clubbers who do not practice not necessarily the voguing.

Where the big Balls are very coded competitions reserved for dancers and dancers emeritus and following a strict dress code and a thematic thrust, creams of the Cream Parties, like the Vogue Knights, are mostly without imposed theme , the slogan being: come as you are. Only 3 to 7 categories borrowed from the balls will take place in the middle of the evening to give an insight into this fascinating aspect of Voguing, which is reminiscent of a Black and Latino homosexual culture based around dance and born in the United States in the 1960s before being popularized by Madonna and the cult movie Paris is Burning.

The choice of DJs is entrusted to Lasseindra and Teki Latex aka Teki Ninja, one of the DJs of the House of Ninja.