La Croque monsieur wigs party

9 Feb 2019 00:30
→ 10 Feb 2019 06:00
L'Antirouille, La Croque Monsieur
12 rue Anatole France - Montpellier
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Haircuts made of mosses, nylons ... Customized ...
Flamboyant wigs, extravagant and frisky ...
In version 18th polyuretanized or afro disco fan of Hairspray
Plate your synthetic wick and give yourself the sound of the electronic sound of

BACH WRECKER /// Walksuzammen Lyon
SYLVIN WOOD /// Milkshake festival Amsterdam

A dress code: either creative, the wig, this accessory is in the spotlight tonight
The advice: do not worry about taking yourself seriously

PAF: 12 EUR in pre-sales at COXX and hairdresser UNDERCUT
15 euros on the spot except conso