La Patchole fête ses 2 ans

3 Nov 2019 19:00
→ 4 Nov 2019 00:00
Rosa Bonheur, Barbara Butch
Rosa Bonheur
2, allée de la Cascade - Paris
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The Patchole celebrates its 2 years at Rosa Bonheur this Sunday, November 3, 19h

One day Zouzou cross Bouboutch wearing a leopard and there is love at first sight! ZouZou debauches Barbara and brings her to Rosa Bonheur to organize the legendary Patchole! And it is this birthday we will celebrate!
You'll see it's going to be big, beautiful and it will smell good monoi.

On the drag queen / kings program, lots of prizes to win for people dressed in patchol!
Zouzou and Bouboutch have concocted a program of madness.

The Patchole is what: it is a person who likes prints Zebra, leopard, pink, gold, glitter, who likes when it shines!
The Patchole remained stuck in the 90s, 2000s.
The Patchole assumes, the Patchole has character, the Patchole is a little vulgar but never nasty.
The Patchole does not care about genres and breaks the codes of beauty

The Patchole is THE evening that smells good aioli, Ricard and patchouli!
The Patchole is THE evening where you have the right to listen to the songs of your choice!
The Patchole is THE evening with friends and rosa is like home!
The Patchole is THE evening that pays tribute to the south of France!
The Patchole is THE evening with the accent that sings.

Do not forget to come dressed in Patchole: if you patchole.e you have priority access to rosa (you do not queue) and in addition you have the right to a free drink!

Every day we will post ideas look for you to be the most beautiful!

To be sure to listen to the music that makes you happy, post the songs you want to listen on the wall of the event! Barbara Butch will be happy to play your favorite songs.