La Sacré.e Mensuel.le - Evenement Reporté - SANS DATE FIXE

6 Sep 2020 20:00
→ 7 Sep 2020 06:00
La Mensuelle
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Where party and art will be one,
Where the atmosphere is uninhibited,
Where the cliché will be fully assumed,
Where freedom will be obvious and not an eventuality,
Where you will find the most perfect of the verb to love.

A place of expression, a carte blanche has various sensibilities, an open door to artists from all backgrounds, an invitation to various creations.

A dusted place of escape that definitely puts away the codes of a worn out party.

A daring and varied musical program and an assumed progression throughout the evening.

The lightness will not fail, the zany and the quirky, we love it so much!

A meeting place where conviviality and simplicity will mingle with a warm welcome and quality service.

A cocoon of love without labels, which aims to unite all LGBTQI + entities.

A team of enthusiasts who will strive, at each edition, to offer you a Sacred Monthly!

Grand Opening March 15, from 7 p.m., at 142 Rue Montmartre Paris - 02 au Sacré

Cocktail Dinner from 7 p.m. on Invitation here: