La TBM Pink Party

21 Aug 2019 20:00
→ 22 Aug 2019 02:00
La TBM - Soirée Gay Friendly
Le Mas de couran
Chemin de Soriech - Lattes
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! TBM sees life in Rose!
* For the last of the 2019 season LA TBM invites you to its Pink Party *

Strass and Paillette for a last appointment Very Glamourouuuuuuus ..

For the occasion, Our Queen of Pop, Nelson D'araujo invites the wonderful Anastacya Split for a Pop Music Festival!

We have the pleasure of receiving the international vogue perform Lady B Ladurée for a show on heeeels!

He will be accompanied by the sublime Divas of the Pink City Shanna Ba Nana, Lova Ladiva and Juanito Spanya!
Not to mention our little darling Victoire and Lussyie Adams!

And always a very beautiful Mas:
The Mas de Couran Bar Pool Club in Lattes offers several options: Resto, Tapas and Bar.
Reservations at

And still FREE ENTRY of course ..