La défabrique du genre

25 May 2019 17:00
→ 26 May 2019 00:30
Vesper Quinn / Thomas Occhio, CASSIE RAPTOR, Aaliyah Xpress, Kings Factory, Ground Control, Jésus La Vidange - Iesu Yamamoto, Bragi Pufferfish
Ground Control
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Kings Factory and Bragi Pufferfish offer a recreational day around the genre, through the arts of Drag and Kid Club!

The Kings Factory team will propose a workshop of 3 hours to accompany you in your transformation into the persona of your choice: a Drag Queen (with Aaliyah Xpress), a Drag King (with Vesper Quinn / Thomas Occhio) or even a Club Kid ( with Hitsublu and his assistant). Make-up, dress and performance tips and ways to embody your new alter-ego.

The evening will begin on a show Hosted by the founders of Kings Factory: Jesus The Drain - Iesu Yamamoto and Vesper Quinn / Thomas Occhio. Led drumming drummers by Hidden performers: Hitsublu, Aaliyah Xpress, Peter Cook, Vamp Reznor, Lewis Raclette, it will be completed by a runway (a parade) of participants in the workshops and dotted with pretty surprises.

In the program :

5pm to 8pm - Drag Queen, King or Kid's Club.

Bring your own makeup and wigs. We will have on-site costume items to help you complete your outfit. The workshop is free to participate with registration in advance until May 24, places limited to 20 participants!

👉 Registration by email:
Hall of Lost causes.

8:30 pm to 9:30 pm - Show out of Control with Jesus the Drain, Thomas Occhio, Hitsublu, Aaliyah Xpress, Peter Cook, Vamp Reznor, Lewis Raclette, and the participants of the workshop.

At the Charolais Club

22h to 00h30: DJ SET by CASSIE RAPTOR

They will be with us:

Jesus The Drain - Iesu Yamamoto (Drag King)
Handsome, Manly, Sweaty Sweaty, Masc 4 the people, Fab 'by nature. Landed for 5 years in Paris, Jesus navigates through his identities and explores the specter of gender in performances mixing humor and sex appeal.

Lewis Raclette: (Drag King)
He had fallen into fondue when he was little, and since then Lewis has been entirely made up of Franco-British cheese. To consume ideally during the aperitif, and without moderation.

Vesper Quinn / Thomas Occhio (King Drag / Burlesque)
This son of emigrants, half Italian and half German, was able to build himself and become that seductive dandy that nothing can resist. He likes to be where you do not expect, break codes and play genres. Change your body and change your skin, Thomas will reveal you the man in him or maybe the woman? Who knows ?

Vamp Reznor (Drag King)
Like the vampires, Vamp Reznor was born twice: the first as a human being, the second as a monster. After long years locked in the shadows, he managed to break his chains and finally come out under the spotlight - Creature of the night, He stayed stuck in the 90's. he is very angry and he has the slab, so a tip: avoid turning his back on him

Hitsublu (Kid's Club)
Creature beyond the codes that brings to life your most beautiful nightmares as the worst of your dreams.

Peter Cook (Performer)
This kind of guy not discreet for a penny who likes to make you turn your head and capsize hearts, a little artist not so tortured, closet dancer and bathroom singer, this is the portrait without retouching the man to whom the scene belongs.

Aaliyah Xpress (Drag Queen)
Coming from the end of the cellars of restaurants 13th. : Sino-vietnamo-koreano-japanese, short, asians. His drag is a bit: Kawai in the streets, sempai in the sheets, free shipping, a little long to come, in short it is Aaliyah Xpress!

Cassie Raptor (DJ)
Plural artist of the queer Parisian scene: DJ, VJ and illustrator, and member of the collectives CONSPIRATION and Barbi (e) turix
Accustomed to the dark and percussive techno sets, we will find her in the cockpit of the Ground Control for an electro flight to the naked disco vibe. Take your tickets!

Free entry
Ground Control Gare de Lyon
81, rue du Charolais
75,012 Paris

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