La musique a-t-elle un genre ? Rencontre avec Mélanie Traversier

16 Apr 2019 19:00
→ 16 Apr 2019 20:30
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Does music have a genre? co-directed by Mélanie Traversier and Alban Ramaut is published by Editions de la Sorbonne. Meeting with Mélanie Traversier, in the presence of Sarah Nancy.
"Does music have a genre? ": The question still often raises polite indifference, if not hilarity, even contempt. And yet! Like literature and painting, music is not immune to gender categorizations and even less to gender inequalities that overshadow women artists.
This volume examines the long-term phenomenon of invisibilisation of women musicians working both in historiography and in the social imaginary, both in discourse and in creative practices and programming.
Identifying the different ways of disqualification of female talent, the sixteen studies gathered here scrutinize the evidence of the burial of female musicians in philosophical and aesthetic treatises, in educational textbooks, in public testimonies, in life stories, as in scholarly writings and musical criticism, including the most recent.
Thus, there are so many milestones to flush out and better deconstruct gender stereotypes in the writings on music and musical practices of yesterday and today.
Mélanie Traversier is a senior lecturer in modern history at the University of Lille (IRHiS-UMR 8529) and a member of the Institut Universitaire de France. His work focuses on the social history of music and gender studies in the Enlightenment. She is also an actress.