La place des personnes Lgbtiq+ dans l’espace numérique

25 May 2019 14:00
→ 25 May 2019 17:00
BI-Visible, Pride Toulouse - Officiel
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The Bi-Visible association presents its special coffee-debate "the place of LGBTQI + people in the digital space".

The challenge, with this new format of coffee-debate, would be to focus the conversation on a social, political or even legal issue, not yet addressed in this context and which affects almost all LGBTIQ + people today. Indeed, from the construction of identity to cybermenaces ubiquitous on social networks and through militancy, the Internet has a very important place today.

Regarding the cyber security of LGBTIQ + people, a survey revealed that 73% of participants had already been attacked in person or harassed online and that 50% of participants had experienced sexual harassment online. Also, transgender women are the most likely to be exposed online against their will, while cisgender men are the least likely to face this problem.

However, the digital space also makes it possible to find a new form of expression: many LGBTIQ + members turn to the Internet to find solidarity.

As a general rule, the digital space is an integral part of the life and identity of LGBTIQ + people; it therefore seems important to open the debate on this issue.

The coffee-debate would be divided into three stages:

The first step would be to organize small group discussions to define several specific questions on the subject;
After these small group discussions, the second stage would be devoted to pooling the proposed questions before choosing two to three by means of a vote.
The third time would serve the debate itself, by means of a speaking time granted to each one in turn. The goal is that no one cuts the floor and the debate is calm.

MANDATORY REGISTRATION, on our site here : or by contacting us either at 07 82 75 53 24 or at the following address

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