Lancement " 5 guys Chillin' "de Peter Darney

16 Jan 2019 19:00
→ 17 Jan 2019 02:00
15 rue des archives - Paris
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The cox Get the team of the play "5 guys Chillin '"
from Peter Darney
from January 22, 2019 at the Clavel Theater

In Paris, Julien, stylist, organizes a chemsex party. How far will his guests go?

The original piece:
5 Guys Chillin 'by Peter Darney, is an adaptation and directed by Christophe Garro. Premiered at London's King's Head Theater, then premiered at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2015, the Edinburgh Festival, and the Dublin International Gay Festival in 2016, it was premiered in New York, Toronto and Sydney. The piece has received several awards in London and Dublin.
The story :
Julien and Mark meet for a chemsex party, contacted via a dating application they are joined by the couple Raph & Benoit, then by Mehdi, bisexual. Between taking drugs and sexual practices, consciousness awakens.
"For two or three years, the deaths of chemists, especially slamers, have become commonplace; in recent months, pictures of their faces are piling up on their loved ones' Facebook pages, forming a digital mausoleum that is upsetting the gay community. Some of these deaths are attributed to a fatal overdose, an accident or cardiac arrest after a bad mix. Others to suicide attempts because of a more general malaise. Extract from Florian Bardoux's article for Libération.

To know :
Based on interviews conducted by Peter Darney, the play deals with a current topic of concern in the LGBT community around the world. Practices very widespread up to Paris. The play highlights the loneliness of these people. Races to seduction and sensations. Pleasures bordering on danger to death. Chemsex is an evening where we meet to share drugs, have sex in groups that can last up to several days. The party can be devastating for those who get lost.