Le 20e Printemps des Assoces

6 Apr 2019 14:00
→ 7 Apr 2019 19:00
Rue du Marché-des-Blancs-Manteaux
48 rue Vieille Du Temple - Paris
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The annual meeting of LGBT associations in Paris!

Personn'Ailes will of course be in the game for the "Printemps des Assoces" and this year, we could well give wings to some lucky women elected by the drawing of lots.

In place within the "corporate" department, Personn'Ailes will highlight the progress made with our management as well as all future projects and our will always intact to enforce the LGBT right within Air France and the accompaniment Diversity Leadership in HIV / STI Prevention.

Throughout the weekend, Personn'ailes will allow all those who wish to try their luck to win a 500 Euros voucher on the Air France lines in exchange for a free donation to the stand from the Association.

#Enter, PersonAiles makes you take off!