Le Bingo des Séropotes et de leurs amis

6 Jun 2019 19:30
→ 6 Jun 2019 23:30
Garçon Magazine, Le Tango (La Boîte à Frissons), Qweek, L'apéro des garçons, Codes de gay, Séropotes
Le Tango (La Boîte à Frissons)
11 Rue au Maire - Paris
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It is left for a new Bingo in 2019, whose profits will be donated to the association The Seropotes.

The animation will be provided by Rv Légerot and Josiane de Rotschild :)

Free admission at 19:30, start of Bingo at 20:00!

The game cards will be sold on the spot at the price of 2 € (for 5 cartons bought, the 6th will be offered), and 3 chances to win by cardboard!

The proposals of lots are always open: do not hesitate to send us your promise of lots before May 30, so that we recover (Christophe Soret: 06 22 82 40 02).

Thanks to participating institutions and artists:
Artishow Cabaret: 2 dinners show
The yono: 1 bottle of champagne
Banana Coffee: 1 bottle of Vodka
Chez-Hanna (Anna and Guy): 3 meals for 2 people
Equinox Restaurant (Bruno et Pierre): 2 meals for 2 people
Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation (FSGL) and the Paris International Tournament (June 7-9, 2019): tee-shirt, goodies ...
La Boite: 1 bottle of champagne
SLT - Sauna Terraces: 20 entries
Bmc store (Pascal): naughty gel
Cam4 Gay France (Marc): 3 webcams HD
The Duplex (Messias Dos Santos): 1 bottle of champagne
Boy Magazine (Christophe Soret): 2 Ice Watch watches + 4 annual subscriptions
IDM SAUNA (Stephane Idm Sauna): 15 invitations + subscription cards
LUCKY RECORDS PARIS (Maurice & George): CDs and Vinyls
Neoplaisir: 10 very naughty sextoys
Quetzal Bar @ (David Sabattier): 1 bottle of champagne
Qweek (Christophe Soret): 2 watches + books + DVD
SLY BAR CLUB (Messias & Anthony Petit): 1 bottle of champagne
TOF Pariss (Sylvain TofParis): boxer and tee-shirt
Yono (Arnaud Perez & Yoanne Delorme): 1 bottle of champagne
Ze Baar / Ze Restoo (Pascal Zebaar Zerestoo): 1 bottle of your choice (gin, vodka or whiskey)
The Devil of the Lombards: 1 bottle
Les Mots à la Bouche bookshop: selection of books and DVDs
Gym Louvre: 10 free admissions
The Tango (The Box Chills): 5 times 2 entries for the tango valid all summer (August 31)
+ 5 books Kitsch Crime + 5 books Generation tritherapy + 1 bottle of champagne to consume on the spot (from blow to win on one of the 1st "rounds" on the 3 envisaged ...
Michael Mayer: 5 lots of 2 comic albums
THE ARTIST PIERRE (Stephane Thierry): a work of his best vintage
Yvette Leglaire (Daniel Damartin): 10 albums and 5x2 places
Martine Belfond / Martine Super Star (Robin and Adrien): albums and 2 places at TOC SHOW by Martine Superstar Season 6

The Seropotes warmly thank all its partners! :)