Le French Cinéma Club présente Madame en AVP

20 Aug 2020 20:00
→ 20 Aug 2020 23:00
Majestic Bastille
4 boulevard Richard Lenoir - Paris
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by Stéphane Riethauser
in the presence of the director

A session moderated by Ava Cahen and Franck Finance-Madureira

Madame plunges us into the intimate relationship between Caroline, a grandmother with a flamboyant character, and her filmmaker grandson Stéphane, by exploring the development and transmission of gender identity in a patriarchal world a priori hostile to the difference.
Promised to a domestic life in the 1920s, Caroline manages to sublimate her condition as the daughter of Italian immigrants and get out of the clutches of a forced marriage, to finally establish herself brilliantly as a businesswoman in a world governed by men. Mirroring the doubts and lies of Stéphane, who strives to play his role of model grandson of a family of the bourgeoisie of Geneva, until the day when he shatters the rules of his environment in asserting his homosexuality and goes on a crusade against homophobia and sexism.
A family saga based on images from private archives spanning three generations, Madame creates a dialogue - both real and fictional - between this matriarchal tutelary figure and her gay grandson, during which the taboos of sexuality and of the genre are called into question.

Thursday August 20 at 8 p.m. at the Majestic Bastille
In partnership with the FrenchMania magazine