Le Mois de la Zouz au 824 heures

15 Mar 2020 23:00
→ 16 Mar 2020 06:00
Rings of Neptune, 824 heures, Benedetta, Sapin Blossom, RA+RE, Rotate, Glittoris, Corrine - and co
824 heures
10 rue papillon - Paris
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From 214 to 102
March nights


March 8, this day,
Longer think about it,
Shouldn't even exist,

One day is not enough,
Likewise, half a year,
Wouldn't be enough yet.

One month is already that,
To celebrate all these zouzs there.
Not THE woman but THE,
In all their diversity.

The good guys, the flirtatious,
Dykes, queerettes,
Women who were not born,
Fat and hungry,
Business girls, mothers and brides,
The roots, the rascals,
The serious ones and the smart ones,
Those who are all this at the same time,
Because a woman cannot be reduced.

Okay, it's still a white man who writes,
But under the corrective eye of her friends,
A fag who fell in love with all women,
Who never wanted to differentiate,
What a genre could determine.
It's up to them to say, to dance, to mix,
To defend their ideas loud and clear
Not that they are usually deprived of it,
But guys, you just have to wrap it up a bit,
Stop explaining,
Listen to what they have to say.

The Godmothers:

• Glittoris, Collective promoting enjoyment if ever there was one, the Glittoris is an organ of pleasure made up of the girls from the Truck Bazaar, Mic Mac, CLUB LIMO and Nipples. Molotov-type cocktail at the party and at the turntables.

• The Man Inside Corrine - and co, a certain idea of women, Madame Arthur's performer and our resident emeritus concocts a week with queer tones where the unexpected takes its place.

• RA + RE, Label, collective, brand of clothes held for and by girls! Pro-activex in the organization of Breakfast Clubs, these solar after-suns, and in the dissemination of a tasteful micro house.

• Sophie Morello, programmer of La Kidnapping, activist of turntables and syntax (<3), she is preparing a gender fluid prog whose benefits will go to the creation of her Char “La Galaxie Trans Gouine” at Pride 2020.


824 hours (news)
wild, libertarian and sweaty party
And a few days without limit too.
Because even after the curtain falls,
Love subsists,

Wed • Thu Fri • Sat
From 11:00 p.m. to the end of the night
But also,
Some nice cuddly mornings!

Free entry.

A Manifesto is forever.

824 hours
It is a countdown, an occasion, a sweet delirium.
It is a space of freedom, a neo-punk-glitter place that knows no limit except its planned obsolescence.

Until then, it’s going downhill and in all directions but with a clear vision: to break free from codes, to find freedom in parties, to break out of the shackles of genres, to send it waltzing and finally dance with an operetta tune.
It is a headquarters for a cheeky family, an unlabeled gathering place, open to all, to those who only want party, excess, love and freedom.

It is a place of trust, above all, a sine qua none of these secret transgressions; an interval where anything can happen, both in music and activities, be well prepared because nothing will be revealed to you.

• Bazaar truck
• Hello good night
• Wonderful Identity