Les Bijoux de famille : les 4 dernières.

8 Dec 2018 20:30
→ 8 Dec 2018 21:45
Laurent Spielvogel
L'Archipel Théâtre & Musique - officiel
17 Boulevard de Strasbourg - Paris
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"The family jewels" to see and review (there are new pearls) on the occasion of the last 4 dates.
Starting from 12 €.
For professionals, contact Jérôme Sanchez in MP.

Laurent tells you about his life, his encounters. From de Gaulle to Marlene Dietrich, from Barbara to Sylvie Vartan.

A life crossed by a rabbi proselyte, a voluble grandmother, an "encouraging" theater teacher, a housekeeper analyzed, a recalcitrant boyfriend and parents ... very parents.

In this new solo show, Laurent Spielvogel, through sequences connected to each other by a thread, gives us his childhood, his youth, with humor and tenderness, with acidity too! In turn, he embodies all the protagonists of this story that is his.

His gallery of characters shines like The jewels of family that unveils us in 23 paintings and 18 carats.