Les dimanches Electropisme The Hacker-Rebotini-ScanX

26 May 2019 15:00
→ 27 May 2019 00:01
Café Tropisme, Tropisme, Cloakroom Invite
Halle Tropisme
121 Rue Fontcouverte - Montpellier
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After 3 years of shaking the walls of the Rex Club, the Cloakroom Invite have decided to settle in Montpellier on May 26, 2019 in the new place in vogue and for a Sunday afternoon format 15h / midnight.

It's at the Halle Tropisme that Cloakroom Invite decided to make you dance, drink and eat from 3pm to midnight on Sunday May 26th. 9h mix, 6 artists.
Good fooding and drinking at a small price, pint at 5 euros. For the most gourmet munchies, tapas or salad formula accompanied by stronger alcohol.

For this first, Cloakroom Invite honors the French scene by inviting:

We no longer present the iconic producer who after being known with Miss Kittin & The Hacker and their tubes that made him go around the world, creator of his own label ZONE, prolific producer and already so magical. He will treat us to a techno set where we will find all his influences.

- Arnaud Rebotini
The musician, DJ, singer, producer committed to the fight against AIDS and recently césarisé for the soundtrack of the film 120 beats per minute, will also be there. Whether live or in a DJ set, Arnaud Rebotini knows how to give the necessary power to pieces that will make us travel the time of a DJ set of 2H.

One of the French producers most respected for years by his peers and the electro environment where he evolves. His mesmerizing curls and dynamic flights will leave no one indifferent this Sunday afternoon. His live deserved to be listened to at least once and he will not fail to tickle your ears and toes!

- Street Machine AKA Ryko Ta
Our friend friend Ryko Ta, known by all the Parisian milieu for his good humor and his wild sets, able to play on big events like small structures, the pleasure of playing before all the rest is Street Machine AKA Ryko Ta. Whether on his residences with 4 ELEMENTS or at the door of the Rex Club where it is appreciated by all, Ryko will share with you his world of the night in full day :)

- Miss Airie
We do not present the regional stage, Miss Airie. Djette for a long time on all the teufs, clubs and events of the region and well beyond, wherever she plays it emerges an energy that only a woman like Miss Airie can share with us. His residence at Barlive After remains in everyone's memories as an essential part of the Montpellier night.

Resident of the Cloakroom Invited to the Rex Club, creator of the positiv'évolution evenings in the region of Montpellier in the 90's, resident of the small techno room of the Villa Rouge at the end of the 90s, his sets always give the necessary impetus to an noon succeeded

Tickets in pre-sale (valid until 9 pm on Sunday, May 26)
Early bird 15 euros (SOLD OUT)
Low price 17 euros (SOLD OUT)
Regular 20 euros

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On site, limited places 23 euros

IF YOU DO NOT GO TO THE Cloakroom Invite, LA Cloakroom Invite WILL COME TO YOU !!!!!!