Les dimanches electropisme Ellen Allien The Driver Maxime Iko

23 Jun 2019 15:00
→ 23 Jun 2019 23:00
Tropisme, Cloakroom Invite
Halle Tropisme
121 rue Fontcouverte - Montpellier
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For this 2nd Rendez-vous Montpelliérain, Cloakroom Invite has decided to please techno lovers.
For that we invited:

- Ellen Allien:
Berliner, boss of the label BPitch Berlin is not to present. She has been scouring the world for years with her vigorous and hypnotic sets. Producer and peerless real goldsmith platinums, coming to Montpellier she comes to find an audience she loves and has always done honor. Will you still be having a party?

- The Driver aka Manu The Malin
We no longer present Manu Le Malin who in his version The Driver promises us an explosive set as he knows how to do .. This prodigy turntables able to accelerate the tempo in a fraction of second risk to beat our hearts to the rhythm of our feet. His love of the South is that he will be able to offer us a mix with small onions for our informed ears.

- Maxime Iko:
Playmate Ellen Allien, recently signed on BPitch Berlin, Maxime is one of those artists who love the underground and want to like it. All his sets are calibrated for an audience that requires only that; to be transported beyond the conventional. Whoever started the famous baths and then the Rex Club or BADABOUM is able to return a dance floor in all tranquility and subtlety. The people of Montpellier who know him have adopted it for a long time.

- Franck Ros aka Dj Aladin
The south no longer needs to be introduced. the one who was one of the youngest djs in France started at the age of 13 with Carl Cox and other planetary stars. It was not until 2019 that finally he passes behind his machines and offers us a live. It will be his first in Montpellier in this form and his live promises to be at the height of his sets, pumping and powerful.
Friends from the south and elsewhere the live not to be missed in early summer is the one.

- Adrian
The Parisian cardboarding at the moment comes to put his suitcases and skeuds in Montpellier for the first time. There is no doubt that the public of the region will offer him the welcome he deserves and there is no doubt that his techno should appeal to more than one.

- Jeremy Falko
The DJ of the stage has nothing to prove in Montpellier so each of his sets has returned more than one. After having made his arms in the capital it is in Montpellier that he decided to settle and to make communion with the "people of the south" which knew to recognize in him a worthy representative of the techno.

Resident and creator of the Cloakroom Invite, Rex Club in the south of France, there is only one step that Fred has achieved for over 20 years. For those who knew the teufs of the 90s his name resonates as the memory of improbable parties, in Paris he has brought with him that southern madness that never left him. He will be exceptionally one of the heads of the after (secret) of this Sunday Electropisme .. wait and see :)

As always, catering and drinking at low prices thanks to our friends at Café Tropisme

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