Les préliminaires : Parlons-en !

17 Jan 2019 18:00
→ 17 Jan 2019 20:00
Enipse Prévention Santé, Girofard Bordeaux
Le Girofard
34 rue Bouquière - Bordeaux
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The Enipse in partnership with Agnès DUDON, sexologist of CeGIDD (Free Center for Information, Screening and Diagnosis) offer an exchange time open to all, within the Girofard (LGBT + Center), around the following theme:
"Preliminaries: Let's talk about it!"

Ultimately, foreplay is the different physical and / or psychic preparations between two or more people before sexual intercourse. They can be realized in different ways and in a more or less long way according to the desires of the partners.
But concretely, what does it mean? Is it compulsory? Do we have to go further? What does it cause? Is oral sex or cunnilingus a preliminary?

The purpose of this meeting is first of all at the level of the authenticity of the exchanges and the enrichment by a common reflection thanks to a communication deprived of judgment, in the reception and the tolerance of the speech.
Above all, we want to create a space of words allowing everyone to express themselves freely from their personal and / or professional experience (sexologists, sociologists, psychologists or others) around this subject; in order to know his body, his sexuality, to express his difficulties, the solutions put in place to fight them, etc.
It is also about lifting the weight of secrets, taboos and representations that still weigh heavily on sexuality.