Linn da Quebrada x Eustache McQueer x Domina Pizzo [concert]

17 Oct 2019 20:30
→ 18 Oct 2019 00:00
Pride'n'Art, Eustache McQueer, ALUN' - Association Lgbtqi+ de l'Université de Nantes, NOSIG - Centre lgbtqi+ de Nantes
Pôle Etudiant - Université de Nantes
Chemin de la censive du Tertre - Nantes
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Pride'N'Art and ALUN 'welcome you to an exceptional and free opening concert at the Student Center of the University of Nantes. Do not miss the date!

--- LINE-UP ---


"Linn da Quebrada or the Belle des bas fonds in French". Linn da Quebrada shone in 2017 with her debut album "Pajuba", since then she has toured all over Brazil and made five international tours around the release of the movie Bixa Travesty, and she started her show with the complicity of her #GigDaQuebrada artists' crew, composed of DH Pininga, the producer
BadSista, black singer Jup do Bairro and percussionist Dominique Vieira. In June 2019, Linn publishes the single
"Fake dói" "in collaboration with Lao from NAAFI and Jup. His incredible scenic presence will leave you no respite.

EUSTACHE ™ QUEER [Electro / Pop]

Eustache McQueer marries perfectly the sexy and the trash, the wild and the fluo. Identity, freedom, love, sensuality and revolt are in order. After the release in 2017 of their EP Schatzi Stasi, the duo is preparing a first album with the Lyon label Jarring Effects, Lake Pearl, (released for October 2019). Let yourself be drawn into the dance and let go by Laurent Dratler's electronic and punchy production and Joël Defrance's high-pitched and lyrical voice.


Domina Pizzo is the undisputed princess of the Grand NIMP 'and lascivious dances. She is back in the bowels of the alternative and sexy Nantes, for a Heavy flirt! Sounds from the electro LGBT scene, Girl Power and Trap, his set is dropped live from his Balloon Galore inflated block. Movements and perpetual loves.

TRAM 2 / direction Orvault Grand Val. Stop Faculties

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