Lolla Wesh à Lyon

6 Dec 2020 20:00
→ 6 Dec 2020 21:00
Le BouiBoui
7, rue Mourguet - Lyon
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Mylène Farmer's humor returns in a new version of the show "Coucouuu!"

Why should you absolutely see this show?

Because it's funny:
We meet Lolla after. What time is it on what day? She no longer knows ... On the other hand, she has things to say about it: she has seen everything, read everything, drunk everything.

Because it's cash:
Lolla is not afraid of words and delivers with great honesty and harsh words her vision of society in general and homosexuality in particular.

Because it's militant:
Lolla uses humor to plead the cause of "to live happily, live shown", to talk about sexuality, prevention, freedom, tolerance ... Instructive we tell you.

Because it's touching:
And suddenly, without realizing it, we are moved. We go from laughter to tears when we see what is hidden behind this "clown" in wig and makeup: a human being with his dreams and his faults.

This new season in Lyon will bring its share of surprises and it's Lolla who says it:

"As evidenced by my hazardous makeup, I love the risk and the dangers. So I decided to offer you, at each performance, a moment of total improvisation in free roll during which even I don't know what I'm saying anymore. ... The real ones know. "

Le Boui-Boui Café Comique
7 rue Mourguet
69005 Lyon


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