Lolla Wesh à Marseille!

6 Dec 2019 20:04
→ 6 Dec 2019 21:04
Lolla Wesh, L'Art Dû - Théâtre, Le Burlesque Klub
L'Art Dû - Théâtre
83 rue Marengo - Marseille
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The Mylène Farmer of humor arrives in Marseille!

Why is it absolutely necessary to see this show?

Because it's funny:
We meet Lolla after. What time is it from which day? She does not know anymore ... However, she has some things to tell: she saw everything, read everything, drank everything.

Because it's cash:
Lolla is not afraid of words and delivers with great honesty and raw words her vision of society in general and homosexuality in particular.

Because it's activist:
Lolla uses humor to plead the cause of "to live happily live lives shown", to talk about sexuality, prevention, freedom, tolerance ... Informative you are told.

Because it's touching:
And suddenly, without realizing it, we are moved. We go from laughter to tears by seeing what lies behind this "clown" wig and makeup: a human being with his dreams and faults.

December 6 and 7, 2019 at 8:04 pm
Art Du Theater
83 Marengo Street
13006 Marseille