Lutine : ciné-rencontre à Toulouse

27 May 2019 20:00
→ 27 May 2019 23:00
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And if you revisit the way you live your relationship with LUTINE, a comedy about cinema and plural loves?

After All the pleasure is for me, a romantic comedy about clitoris, masturbation and fun for women, Isabelle Broué chose, for her second feature film, to tell a story of love ... feminine plural.


A director decides to shoot, now right now, a documentary on the poem - also called polyamory, polyamour, or the art of plural loves.

Playing with the emotions and feelings - especially those of others - blurring the tracks between reality and fiction, she takes risks which she does not always measure the consequences ...

Will his couple resist? Will she end her movie?


The polyamory (often called "polyamory"), radically feminist - not to be confused with adultery, debauchery or polygamy - is defined as the possibility of living non-exclusive relationships - in love or not, sexual or otherwise - in a consensual and ethical framework. In other words, the important thing is for all concerned to know and agree, and take care of their relationships.

OFNI (Unidentified Film Object), documented comedy both playful and serious, LUTINE offers his audience a game of mirrors that invites him to ask the same questions as the characters on the screen: what is love? Faithfulness ? Exclusivity? Can we desire and / or love several people at the same time? And if so, how to live it in an ethical and respectful way for all?

The director, also co-organizer of poly coffees and speech circles poly for years, will be present after the screening to answer all your questions, both on the polyamory and on his film in freedom.


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