Lutte hot and cute en non-mixité

5 May 2019 19:00
→ 5 May 2019 20:30
Porn Yourself Festival, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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Moment of fight in a non-mixed without guy cis to put in leg (and in hands) before the "HUMHUM" party! (see here: )

Registration not mandatory but recommended at (see below the details to specify when you register).

"BLONG" (gong sound)

The 💥FÉDÉRATION QUEER OF BAGARRE💥 invites you to the ring for his first session of sexy fight in unisex mixed without guys cis. RDV at the beginning of the "HUMHUM" party from 19h to 20H30.

If, like us, you're excited about rubbing yourself with other hot bodies by pushing RHAs and HANs

If you regret that it is moderately accepted socially to play TWISTER between friends instead of the eternal evening raclette *.
* [The management disclaims all liability for incidents that may occur in the event of a combination raclette evening + TWISTER.]

If you do not know anything about wrestling but the idea of rolling on the ground and bickering with queers, you like it

If you like to shoot, push, crash or win.

So join us in the early evening from 19h and until 20h.

Whatever your level!

Are you a wrestler worthy of GLOW? Come !

You do not know anything but you want to try to fight in a safer environment, benevolent, sexy and queer? Come !

You will be able to choose your name of fight and your category:

🔥 Category 1: Hot and cute fight. Classic wrestling according to your level in kindness and respect and following the rules described below.

🔥 Category 2: Wrestling with Pillow Battle option. If you're more like a pillow queen / king than a wrestler you'll be able to do a pillow duel. Only constraint: bring his pillow (and respect the rules described below). The referees will be responsible for determining the winner. according to the completely arbitrary criteria of the QUEER FEDERATION OF BAGARRE

Mila Furie and Fouf La Rage, the two fierce and fabulous referees of the QUEER BAGARRE FEDERATION, will animate this hour of wrestling, designate the winners and ensure compliance with the rules.


Before the fight we meet with his opponent and a referee, we give his personal limits, we listen to those of the other and we respect them.

Disinfect hands and feet (no disgusting feet in the ring) with the disinfectant provided.

No slaps, blows, strangulation.

Do not sit on your opponent's head

Not allowed to choke, bite, scratch or pull hair

Remove all jewelry and accessories that may hurt

In general, no danger to oneself and others. We PLAY with kindness and respect.

AUTHORIZED CAT (unless specific request of his opponent during negotiations)

Safe Word (word to stop the fight instantly): RED. It is essential and mandatory to immediately respect your opponent's Safe Word.

Before getting into the ring the warm-up is warmly recommended: that's hot.


Classic wrestling. To win: flatten and immobilize his partner on the back 5 seconds AND verdict of the referees on the general attitude of the fighter.e ie: commitment, fun, class (... or swag? young people?) and respect for the rules and the other

Pillow fight. To win: give the max, make your number, roll the mechanics it is the referees who decide who wins!

Come, we roll, we rub, we resist, we make the pancake, we dominate, in short we crepe the bun and it will be HOT

Registration in advance by mail or on site. Registration in advance is strongly recommended. Only those who are registered in advance will be guaranteed to fight: time will be short, the wrestling session lasts only one hour, so people registered by email will be given priority.

To register by email write to
In the mail please specify:

-if you are alone or if you have a duel partner with whom you register (a mail for two is enough).

-if you want to fight or fight pillow

-if you have ever made the fight or never

-if you have personal limits that are not already listed above in the rules

-If you are alone, we will find you a duel partner who best suits your level and your limits but if you have in mind people with whom you do not want to fight (your ex?) you can send us FIRST NAMES to avoid when we will assign you some.