M I N D S E T #5 W/ Fred 2.7, Mathieu Grau, Marie Prieux

16 Mar 2019 23:00
→ 18 Mar 2019 05:00
4 ELEMENTS, French'n' Freak, Mathieu Grau
149 rue Amelot - Paris
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MINDSET / 5 th edition !!
A state of mind...

2019, 3 acolytes meet.
Are you ready ?
MINDSET: We accept new paradigms!
We do not lock ourselves into his beliefs and certainties!
We open to the world. Has new musical experiences.

Saturday, March 16, 2019, the appointment is made.
Good sound in a beautiful case, the 4 ELEMENTS.

Fred De-Sete [Cartel of the Amigos]
SC / https://soundcloud.com/fred27
FB / https://www.facebook.com/Fred-2-7-1485428688371117/

Originally from Sète, his music has not gone unnoticed in the region, he has moved his mind on parties for more than 20 years.
His technique and the quality of his sets are groover dancefloors. More than just a Dj, it's an anthology of underground electronic music!
He played in all the most famous clubs and events in the region, residing at the Red Villa in early 2000 with Brother record then resident Multytronic for 10 years on Montpellier and at the Cartel de los amigos parties in the Deux Alpes. He was also part of the famous DJs after the Live Bar ... (without quoting them all)
It is also found behind the decks of clubs in Paris and Switzerland.
In recent years he has also taken the cap of organizer of the evenings at the Red Veil, the Hippy Market and the After-Beach of Venice during the World Wide Festival

Mathieu Grau [Unstuck musik / French'n 'Freak / FHD Recording]
Web / www.mathieugrau.com
MC / https://www.mixcloud.com/mathieugrau/
FB / https://www.facebook.com/mathieugraumusic
SC / https://soundcloud.com/mathieugrau

Music freak, house and techno enthusiast since his childhood, Mathieu Grau made his debut in the mid 90's. Inspired by the sounds of Detroit and the raves of London, he evolves and refines his style in this movement. travels enrich his culture and his repertoire.First scenes in Europe, then in Japan, he becomes resident DJ in Shinjuku, Tokyo (underground club). Then come the United States, China, Mauritius, Africa. In 2011, he formed the collective French'n'Freak, and organized his own events: "When you tek me", "Sweetness of life", "In the eyes", "Mirage", "Superdope", "Diametrik" in Paris . From this experience come the festivals "Once upon a time", "Have a good beat" (Folie's Pigalle) and "Verset festival" (Perpignan). In 2015, he produced alongside Trama, boss of Fhd Recordings. "Unstuck musik", an independent techno label is born. Producer chameleon, he regularly dresses shows, this time as a sound designer (Fashion Estah, beauty hairstyle ...) Mathieu Grau? A frank, generous, spontaneous groove ..

Mary Priory [Tsugi]
SC / https://soundcloud.com/marieprieux
FB / https://www.facebook.com/prieuxmarie/

Radio host, then journalist specializing in electronic music at Trax Magazine and Tsugi, Marie puts aside the pen to invest turntables. Spotted from the beginning by the Batofar (Paris), she lives there for 3 years. Her style seduces, makes her talk quickly: she performs everywhere in France and abroad. House or Techno classics through the last nuggets of the genre, Marie federates, around his ideal, passionate.