MOFFIE//Chéries-Chéris 2020

22 Nov 2020 19:55
→ 22 Nov 2020 22:00
mk2 Quai de Seine
14 quai de la Seine - Paris
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South Africa. 2019. 104 '. Fiction. VOSTF.
Director: Oliver Hermanus.
Screenplay: Oliver Hermanus, Jack Sidey.
With: Kai Luke Brummer, Mark Elderkin, Michael Kirch.

1981, Nicholas is 16 years old. Like all young white South Africans his age, he had to do his military service for two years. During this period, the South African government, white, racist and segregationist, carries out a foreign policy which aims to fight the communists and "die swartgevaar": "the black danger". Nicholas is sent to the front in southern Angola to defend the apartheid regime. He must then survive both the horrors of war and the brutality of the army and its soldiers.

After Beauty (Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival 2011), Oliver Hermanus returns with a film that is both homoerotic and disturbing, offering a dizzying reflection on desire, racism and homophobic hatred. “Moffie” is a derogatory Afrikaans term for and oppressing gays. Already forced to come to terms with the virilist codes of the army, Nicholas will be faced with a heavy threat when he discovers his physical attraction to another recruit. Should he kill the "Moffie" in him? A powerful, hypnotic and masterfully staged drama.

Sunday Nov. 22 7:55 p.m. ›› MK2 Quai de Seine
Tuesday 24 Nov 5:50 pm ›› MK2 Beaubourg