Mademoiselle (Ciné-club : Les exilés du cinéma coréen)

20 Nov 2019 20:30
→ 20 Nov 2019 23:00
Centre LGBT Paris-ÎdF, Le Brady Cinéma Théâtre
Le Brady Cinéma Théâtre
39 boulevard de Strasbourg - Paris
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Directed by Park Chan-wook, 2016, 168 min

In the 30s, during the Japanese colonization. Sookee, a young woman, is hired as a servant of Hideko, a rich Japanese woman, living in seclusion in a huge mansion under the thumb of a tyrannical uncle. But Sookee has a secret. With the help of a crook pretending to be a Japanese count, they have other plans for Hideko.

The LGBTQI + Center in Paris and Ile-de-France presents the monthly film club "Exiles of Korean Cinema".
This program will consist of four Korean feature films around the theme of exile. The departure, the reasons for leaving everything, the consequences and implications of such a choice. Subject eminently cinematographic.

This selection was made to highlight the problem of homosexuality in Korean cinema and more generally in a society where it is not accepted. Beyond the committed character, these four films are masterpieces of the 7th Korean art, real aesthetic achievements, they will travel the viewer, from the 16th century until today, from the Korean countryside to the royal palace.

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