Marathon Bruce LaBruce

26 Jan 2019 14:20
→ 26 Jan 2019 19:00
It's Brady, bitch, The Misandrists: A Movie By Bruce LaBruce, Le Brady Cinéma Théâtre
Le Brady Cinéma Théâtre
39 boulevard de Strasbourg - Paris
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14:20 ► The Misandrists (1:31) by Bruce LaBruce (Germany - 2017) With Susanne Sachße, Kembra Pfahler (16-year-old)
A crazy fable featuring a group of radical feminist lesbians organized in revolutionary faction, a militant punk version of the film "the prey" (Siegel / Coppola)
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4:00 pm ► Hustler White (1:20) by Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro (Canada - 1996) With Bruce LaBruce, Tony Ward (16-year-old)
"Straddling documentary and fiction, parody and melancholy, Hollywood classics and experimental cinema, Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro capture a little-known reality in Los Angeles, somewhere between Billy Wilder and Kenneth Anger." Serge Kaganski The Inrockuptibles
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5:30 pm ► Gerontophilia (1h22) by Bruce LaBruce (Canada - 2014) With Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, Walter Borden
"Bruce LaBruce adopts a sober style here to tell the unusual love story between a young man and an attractive 82-year-old gentleman. An endearing romance whose elegant and classic style does not prevent either acid humor or the spirit of subversion. On the contrary. Eric Vernay First
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