Marche Des Fiertés Lgbtqi + de Rouen

4 May 2019 14:00
L'aqueerium,, Le Refuge Normandie, Guarichas Cósmikas: batucada lesbo trans féministe, FMR : Friendly Movement Records, Fédération LGBTI, SOS homophobie Délégation Normandie, Pool Paradise Party, Pride en Caux, LDH Rouen, Aides Normandie, Centre LGBTI de Normandie, Association Laisse Bien Ta Gaieté - LBTG, Pix'M, Enipse Prévention Santé, Droits des Femmes Rouen, Rouen Amnesty, Ciné Friendly by Pix'M
Rouen, France
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Saturday May 4th will be a day full of events!

-from 10h00 the MUNAE teams will welcome you to discover the exhibition "Education and LGBTI +" created in partnership with the LGBTI Center of Normandy

-RDV at 14h00 for the LGBTQI + Pride of Rouen hosted by FMR DJs: Friendly Movement Record and batucada Guarichas Cosmikas

Here is the definitive journey:
Rue Louis Ricard (at the Théâtre des 2 Rives and at the exit of the Musée des Antiquités park, where will be played the first episode of "Ladies, Gentlemen and the rest of the world"),
rue de Bourg l'Abbé,
rue Orbe,
rue Armand Carrel,
St Mark's Square,
rue d'Alsace Lorraine,
Republic street,
Pier Pierre Corneille,
Quai de la Bourse,
Boieldieu bridge where will be held the minute of silence and the Die In
Quai Jean Moulin
Arrival on the meadow Saint Sever at the foot of the Boieldieu Bridge where the associative village will be held.

Will be present: AIDES who will propose a stand and a truck of rapid detection TRODS, the Center LGBTI of Normandy, the Refuge, Laisse Bien Your Gaiety, Sexosafe which will propose a stand with the ENIPSE, Polaroid photos in memory and tattoos quick trips to the water, the Transgender & Intersex Mutual Aid Group Normandy, Pix'm, Pride en Caux, the Aqueerium, the Association of Solidarities with All-Immigrants, the Collective Rights of the Women of Rouen, the League of Human Rights, Amnesty International and SOS Homophobia.

Associative speeches will take place on the truck with sound and will be translated into sign language by Scop Liesse.
Rescuers of the Civil Protection 76 will be present during the March and on the associative village.
Foodtruck and goodies will be available on the village association, as well as a new musical time thanks to the presence of the team of the Pool Paradise Party.
NB: The organization of this year's march is supported by the LGBTI Center in Normandy. The statutes of the Center mention in articles 2 and 5 that the association is apartisane. As a result, we do not accept any booths, "floats", banners, political party or elected speaking time. Free to come and hear our demands and participate in the march in plain clothes to show their support.

End of the associative village at 19:00.
The bar Milk and Pool Paradise will welcome you to continue the evening in a festive atmosphere. The XXL Club and the JV Club also offer special evenings.

@ Saturday !

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