Marche de la Journée Internationale de la Bisexualité (JIB) 2019

22 Sep 2019 14:00
→ 22 Sep 2019 17:00
Inter-LGBT, Bi'Cause
Place du Colonel Fabien, 75019 Paris, France
63 rue Beaubourg - Paris
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Come discover the diversity and walk with pride under the colors of the flags Bi, Pan, Non-Binary, Asexual and +, on the occasion of the JIB, the International Day of Bisexuality

Whether you are bi, pan, asexuæl, homoflexible, trans, non-binary, militanx, sympathisanx, amix, alliæ, interestæ, covering the spectrum of sexuality to romanticism, you are welcome to walk with us 😀

Do you have ideas for slogans, strong messages to display on the signs to affirm our rights and freedoms and denounce prejudices and discriminations? We encourage you to post them in comments.

Rally: 14h place Colonel Fabien, Paris 19th
Departure: 15h

Boulevard de la Villette (north)
Rue du Faubourg St Martin (variant: rue Lafayette and rue du faubourg St Martin)
Door St Martin
St Martin Street
Réaumur Street
Beaubourg Street
Rambuteau Street
St Martin Street
St Merri Street
Arrival at Stravinsky Square (south flank of the Pompidou Center)

Several measures have been taken to make the JIB accessible to as many people as possible:
- French Sign Language (LSF) interpreters will be present and will translate all the words taken during the march.
- The JIB is a relatively quiet and quiet event compared to other events (Pride, etc.); however, for all those who want it, ear plugs will be available from Bi'Cause.
- We hope that in addition to the procession on foot, people who can not walk can participate in the event in private cars mobilized for the occasion. This initiative is disrupted by the organization on 22 September of the car-free day in Paris. We are currently in discussions with the authorities so that this initiative can be maintained and will keep you informed. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us by private message to Bi'Cause or by email if:
* Either you are interested in the initiative and would like to participate in the walk in a car
* Either if you have a personal car and want to support the initiative by making it available.

All the flags and signs of belonging to the LGBT + and feminist struggles are welcome. Whether you are bi, pan, amix or alliæ, come proudly with us!

Bi and pan flags can be bought at Bi'Cause on site, within the limits of available stocks :)

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