Memories Exhibition by Serge Lefox

18 Apr 2019 19:00
Bar Oneway
28 rue Charlot - Paris
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Inspired by my Berlin period at the end of the 80s when I made my army, every evening and every free neighborhood, I took advantage of the city and its inhabitants, the beginning of my gay life, I discovered myself and especially I fell in love a Berliner with an unusual look. Crest, tattoo, destroyer clothes. I was on a cloud, he took me in funny boxes of old style butcher shops where tiling and hooks were still there, frequented by skinheads, punks, and other hairy hard rock, but all gay! Sometimes also at the Metropolis, a box where Anne Clark's music New, Siouxie and the Banshees, New Order spent all night. All these guys with tight pants, leather laces, perfectos studded, made me fantasize! A beautiful period of carefree and dream for me that will burn forever in my memory.