Mess Noir - DJset

21 Feb 2019 21:30
→ 22 Feb 2019 01:30
Mïca Meltœ, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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~ Music night
for adolescents · depressive · ves
and post-nerd gothic ~

I almost renamed this evening the Trajeudie and then I chose Black Mess, because it's a bit dark but it's a little mess, too. Emo to death, goth witchy kitsh. So put on your best black outfit, the winter nights are endless, we will gather to the sound of a dubious set, an improbable mix of Mylene Farmer B faces, witch house of varying quality, dark-trap unhealthy, post-old-fashioned song, 2000's post-punk, unnamed stuff <3

~ Thursday, February 21, come kill the good taste and poetize your depression ~

cover video: Giacomo Carmagnola's glitch art
cover music: White Ring, "ixc999"